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Artwork, Vol 6: Iss 2

Getting Over Green

“Getting Over Green” is a story I created during a three-day workshop with the nonprofit organization Storycenter. I had just returned to work after a lengthy medical leave, during which time I underwent treatment for stage three colon cancer. Surviving a life-threatening illness had changed me in ways I found it difficult to articulate, so I decided to explore a new medium in search of my story.  Inspired by the stories of health care providers, cancer survivors, and at-risk youth published on Storycenter’s YouTube channel, I signed up for one of their digital storytelling workshops. I was guided through the process of crafting a script, recording the narration, and choosing photos visual techniques to tell my story. The process was challenging and rewarding, and the story that emerged helped me find a home for my feelings about who I had become as a cancer survivor.

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