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Delirium cor de Baltimore

Vol 6: Iss 2, Poetry

My heart once became quite delirious 

And developed a rapid onset of beat-to-beat variability

This happened suddenly, in two thousand fourteen 

When, I was in love, with a beautiful woman

Who made my heart pump fast, and hard 

And at other times, slow, and soft

Fast, hard, slow, and soft which were non-exertional changes in beats

And my gestalt-based perception of my hemoglobin’s oxygen concentration 

Remained unrelated to my body’s oxygen demands

Yet, with this delirious heart I remained cognitively alert 

Although at times, pulseless, unresponsive to stimuli, or barely so 

My overall impression is that it was really due to sadness, from unrequited love

And with such a realization my heart began to improve, in time, 

When I balanced my mind, and realized that this emotional EKG, 

was not an electrical line 

It was delirium cor, from falling in love 

With a beautiful woman named Maleeka, whose brown skin I left in Baltimore