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Sharon Hostler, MD

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    I am the McLemore Birdsong Professor of Pediatrics (Emeritus) at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. After undergraduate education at Middlebury College (1961) and medical school of the University of Vermont (1965), I completed a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric hematology at the University of Virginia. Between 1970 and 2017 as a shape-shifting academic pediatrician, I was an advocate, sometimes rabble-rouser, for children with cancer, chronic illness and disability; equity for women in academic advancement; family-centered care; appreciative practice; and faculty development and leadership training at the University of Virginia and throughout academic medicine. In 2008, the University of Virginia celebrated that career with its highest distinction, the Thomas Jefferson Award. Since retirement in 2017, I am traveling alone and with my children and grandchildren, writing, attending classes with the undergraduates, hitting the gym, drawing, and best of all, reading without interruption.

    I am twice a widow, mother, grandmother, stepmother, step-grandmother, step-great-grandmother, writer, drawer and McLemore Birdsong Professor of Pediatrics (Emeritus) at the University of Virginia.

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