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Vol 6: Iss 2, Poetry

A poem which through images describes a poignant moment between an aging grandfather and his young grandson. The reflection described is both visual and cognitive.

We walked, his hand tucked in mine
The gait was steady and sure
His grip was firm and seemed secure
The path though rocky seemed just fine

He looked left squinting toward the setting Sun
Then looked backed to the window on our right
I noted a question in his eyes
I nodded an answer to his delight

His youth, my age were linked
By family, DNA, history, and love
How much could I teach
How much could he learn

He was six, I sixty-nine
He was spry, I less so
His eyes were keen, mine failing
His mind was fertile, mine at harvest time

As we walked I grew strength 
I realized my task was not a task at all
Just as one day he would grow tall
His mind would grow to its full length

The path we took left us alone
We stood a bit before turning
The Sun now set no longer guiding
The window dark where Sun once shone

We passed the window and watched a cloud
He looked at it and then at me
I nodded an answer only he could see
One day, I thought, they’ll be so proud.